3-week EV course at Aarhus University in August 2024

What are you going to do this summer?

 Join the DSEV (Danish Society for EVs) course on Extracellular Vesicles!

After a fantastic launch last year, DSEV is happy to announce that in August they will be offering a unique 3-week summer course on EVs at Aarhus University.

The morning will be dedicated to lectures, discussions, and journal clubs, and we are proud to present a lovely lineup of key national and international EV experts, including:

Ken Witwer, Gregory Lavieu, Dhanu Gupta, Miki Bojesen, Marie Stampe Ostenfeld, Jørgen Kjems, Johan Palmfeldt, Bradley Whitehead, Vineesh Indira Chandran, Anders T Boysen, Peter Nejsum, and more to come…

Importantly, we have included lots of hands-on in the program. During the afternoon, you will learn to genetically engineer cells to produce fluorescent EVs, isolate them, and characterize them using NTA and proteomic analysis.

Please note that the number of seats is very limited! The deadline for the first round of applications is March 15.

Note two things. First, it is a master course, but it is open and relevant for PhD students as well.

Secondly, it is a 3-week course (5 ECTS), but during the last week, you do not need to stay in Aarhus as the last week of the course is dedicated to a written assignment. This could be on your current project if you are already engaged in EV research.

Please have a look at our course description and sign up at:


DSEV looks very much forward to welcoming you to Aarhus University in August 2024!


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